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    • Introducing Estate Agent PRO

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  • Available on the apps store and Google Play. Special launch price until 1st March 2013. The world's first purposely designed Real Estate Agent App.
    Developed by leading Real Estate Trainer and Coach Paul Vincenti, this app is a must-have for top producing agents.

    "Many estate agents mistakenly believe that flair and personality are enough for success. Top performing agents are proficient in time management, organisational skills, and self-discipline. They have refined qualifying skills, probing, matching, marketing, convincing and closing skills. They have clear targets and objectives. They work systematically and not in a reactionary way. Estate Agent Pro is designed with all this in mind. As a coach who has worked with highly successful persons for over 19 years, I have created a tool that I believe will become the standard for today's top performing real estate agent." Paul Vincenti - 2013

    • Main Features

    • Designed to meet the specific organizational and coaching needs of today's busy professional realtor, your app comes loaded with an impressive range of features.

    • Manage your Leads and their needs

    • Enter all your buyer or seller contact details, buying or selling specifications, locations
      and budgets. Add property specifications, types, features, rooms and total square area. Take photos of your listings and even of your buyers through your App and device.
  • Track and Trace Targets

  • Track and trace your daily, weekly, monthly and annual performance targets. Enter your monthly Sales, Listing, Viewing and Meeting Targets. Estate Agent Pro will remind you about your progress whenever and as often as you programme it to.

    • Qualify, prioritize and database all your leads.

    • Estate Agent Pro prompts you to enter replies to a series of set 'Qualifying Questions' for all your leads. In this way you are constantly reminded about the importance of always qualifying your leads before deciding how much time and effort to invest into servicing them.

      Use my unique lead management Traffic Lights symbol to database leads by Qualification Priority.

      Add your leads to the Traffic Light coded categories depending on their level of motivation and qualification.

    • Never forget to follow-up your leads again

    • Paul Vincenti estimates that realtors who systematically follow-up on their leads can increase their income by an additional 39%.

      With Estate Agent Pro you will never forget to follow-up on a lead again. Schedule multiple follow-up dates. Add reminder times together with notes about each lead. Contact your lead through your app by phone or email.

    • Best Match

    • The Best Match feature allows you to match your new buyer to all the properties in your database. When you add a new buyer or seller listing, click Best Match to send your buyer leads an instant email with pictures of your listings.


  • Selling Price Percentage Difference (SPPD)

  • The better an agent is at listing a property at the correct market price from the outset, the faster a home will sell. This results in leads that are delighted, making them more likely to refer you to their nearest and dearest. Selling price reductions are at times necessary to get a house sold. Estate Agent Pro allows the estate agent to amend the selling price on your listings. When the property is sold, a built in feature will work out the SPPD for both individual and the average overall home sales.

    The lower your SSPD, the more accurate you are at pricing listings correctly. Use your SPPD in your listing presentation to persuade your seller lead that you are the right professional to list their home.

  • Create a professional Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

  • Never before has it been easier for the professional real estate agent to create a powerful Market Analaysis for their sellers. Now you can create a professional Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) from your listings in just 1-minute.

    • Select 6 homes that have been Sold and 6 Unsold homes form your app and allow Estate Agent Pro to calculate all the averages your lead will need to list their home at the right market price. 

      Estate Agent Pro will include the pictures of your choice for each listing. It will display a comparative list of features for all the homes you select. 

      When you generate the CMA, your app will work out all the important numbers for you incluidng the Average Days a home has been on the market, the Average Price per square meter, the Average Square Meters, the Average Selling Price for the homes displayed on the CMA. 

      You can email your CMA to your lead after your listintg presentation as it come already formatted as a PDF. The CMA will nclude your contact details, your company logo as well as your leads details all packed into a 2 page professional looking report. Apart from the clear advantages of usingh a CMA with your sellers remember that you can use your CMA to guide your buyers inot making realistic opening offers.

    • Post your new listings onto Facebook and Twitter

    • Estate Agent Pro allows the agent to post a new listing onto their Facebook or twitter account in seconds. It has never been simpler to access thousands of potential buyers as you load up a description and picture or video of your listing from your device. You can send your listing to specific buyers via email or message also.

    • Track your performance numbers

    • Now you can add multiple performance targets and then look back over time to compare your success against your daily performance. 

      This powerful tool makes your performance repeatable. It helps the agent to establish a more regular income pattern avoiding those unwanted depressing dips in sales performance. 

      You can add up to 5 of your own specific targets to the existing list. Just what you track is up to you. 

      You can for example choose to track how many hours you spend on the phone, in your office, posting on social media, meeting persons out in your farm. Log how many viewings you go on, how many listings you take and more. Compare all of these against your sales performance through Estate Agent Pro's Statistics function.